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“For years I wanted to get professional coverage on my screenplays but I never thought it was worth the money.  [The Mechanic] is worth the money.  I'll never send a script to anyone unless [The Mechanic’s] eyes have been on it at least once...he's my first reader from here on out. No doubt.” – Hans F. . read more reviews




Notes Only (Feature)
Cover page (logline, box score, etc.) Plus 2 pages of comments

Length max 120 pgs ($10 per additional 10p) $165




Notes Only Plus (Feature)
Cover page (logline, box score, etc.) Plus 3 pages of comments

Length max 120 pgs $199



Notes Only (TV Pilot)
Cover page (logline, box score, etc.) Plus 2 pages of comments

Length Half-Hour TV Pilot $130
  One-Hour Pilot $150



Treatments / Outlines
Cover page (logline, box score, etc.) Plus 1-2 pages of comments

Length 5-10 pgs $99
  11-20 pgs $120



Studio-Style Coverage
Industry-standard screenplay coverage report. 
(cover page, 2 page synopsis, 2 pages of comments)

Length 0-120 pgs $299

  121-130 $309
  131-140 $319





Development Notes
5-6 pages of in-depth analysis and basic proofread.

Length 0-120 pgs $375

  121-130 $385
  131-140 $395
  + Synopsis $125






Telephone Consultation
Let's discuss your screenplay, ideas you might be working on, or screenwriting in general.  You choose the topic.

Length 60 min $120



Proofread (Feature)
All of the changes made to your Final Draft file in "Revision Mode." TV pilots are less -- email for rate.  

Length max 130 pgs $349



Script Synopsis
2 page synopsis. 

Length max 130 pgs $175


Don't see a service you need? Email me and ask.


1. Send an email to screenplaymechanic@gmail.com

The Mechanic typically gets booked 2-3 weeks in advance. So plan ahead and reserve your spot on his calendar (No deposit required). *PLEASE NOTE: Due to overwhelming demand, the Mechanic is currently booked more than a MONTH out.*

A "Rush Service" (24-48 hr turnaround) is available for an additional fee, but very much depends on availability.

2. Submit your material. 

Email your PDF anytime before your reservation, up until the night before. The Mechanic will read your material on the date you reserved and send you his report before the end of the day.

(The Mechanic uses this reservation method so he is never "sitting" on your material. Other services will give you a turnaround time and keep your screenplay during this period. The Mechanic prefers you hang onto your material until the day before he reads it, in case you want to continue rewriting and refining until the last minute.)

3. Send Payment

Please send payment with your material. I won't read unless I receive payment first.

Preferred method of payment is via PayPal (Please select "friends and family" if possible to avoid Paypal fees). Personal checks, MOs, Google Wallet and Square Cash are also accepted.

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