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“Being a film-maker/producer, I run into screenwriters all the time.  From now on, I'm recommending YOU!” – Doc P.

“GREAT notes as always.” – Bob C.

“I will never consider a script done till I have received his feedback. He's that good. FANTASTIC NOTES.”  – Centurio

“His style was professional and to the point. Definitely a RECOMMEND.” – Beejay

“[His rates are cheap] but it's only half the reason why Andrew has so many fans. The main one being, THE GUY IS BLOODY GOOD.” – Simon P.

“I cannot RECOMMEND him highly enough.” – Yakman

“I used [the Mechanic] for two of my scripts recently and was AMAZED at his honest and very helpful coverage.” – LighterD

“A real find - he knows how to help you make your script better.” – Katherine B.

“There's no question I'll be using his services again.” – Logliner

“Great experiences all around.” – ShotAcrossTheBow

“A BIG 'THUMBS UP!” – Storytell

“Thanks!  I now feel that I know the right direction to go in my rewrite.” – Sandy C.

“Very helpful comments.  I'll definitely have you take a look at the rewrite.” – Jane C.

“Highly recommended.” – GMBlues

“I've had 3 very positive experiences using [The Mechanic’s] service.  Both scripts have definitely benefited from the detailed notes I received. I would suggest him to anyone looking for quality honest feedback.” – Kimbritt

“VERY HELPFUL insight. This will be a regular step in my writing process.” – LeadSolo

“For years I wanted to get professional coverage on my screenplays but I never thought it was worth the money.  [The Mechanic] is worth the money.  I'll never send a script to anyone unless [The Mechanic’s] eyes have been on it at least once...he's my first reader from here on out. No doubt.” – Hans F.

“If I had 3 thumbs instead of 2, I would be pointing them all up for sure.  The man knows what he is talking about.  Period.  RECOMMENDED.  PERIOD.” – George V.

“Most definitely recommend if coverage is what you are looking for...” – TheTurnaround

“The comments are very constructive and insightful.  Great service!” – Downontheupside

“I should have skipped the Austin Film Festival, which I submitted to largely for the notes, and gone straight to [the Mechanic].” – P-jay

“Just got back his coverage, and I'm really happy with it, both for the positive comments and the constructive criticism.  I've spent more money and gotten a lot less value than I got with [The Mechanic].  I will DEFINITELY use his services again.” – JKB

“Been a customer now 5, 6, 10 times? Great value and top notch notes.  Best deal out there.  TWO THUMBS UP AND 5 STARS.” – Stephen H.

“Good notes and quick turnaround (mind-bendingly so).  And for the price? You can't beat that with a stick.” – Haroldhecuba

“I plan to work with [The Mechanic] and only [The Mechanic] on current and future projects.  HE'S DA MAN.” – Sjn1973

“Used the service a few times now.  Quick turnaround and well worth the dough.” – RJB

“I will definitely be using his service for my other scripts.” – WhyOne

“I HIGHLY RECOMMEND The Screenplay Mechanic to go over your script even if you have resources to help you in the process because he has so many years of experience in this business.” – Ben H.

“Fabulous feedback.  Very astute, intelligent, detailed comprehension.  I'M ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY you were able to give it this much attention so quickly... and for so cheap!” – Jerry B.

“GREAT notes!” – Jessica B.

“I referred my best friend's script to him and he was EXTREMELY HELPFUL with his notes, that script is now being reviewed by Overture Films.” – Spencer L.

“I'm very loyal to any professionals that take that extra step in helping my development. You’re now on that list.” – Bruce. S

“GREAT notes!” – Terry K.

“I think you NAILED IT!” – Mike C.

“Wow!  [The Mechanic’s notes] are incredibly insightful, helpful, and dead-on - not to mention extremely well-written and well-organized.”  – David B.

“You have gone beyond the call of duty!” – Judith G.

“AWESOME NOTES!” – Valentino C.

“I think you hit the nail on the head!  GREAT NOTES!” – Roester.

“Thanks for the comments! I agree with and appreciate them.” – Chris W.

“WOW!  In this brutal town you're such a breath of pure air!  Your integrity and kindness are incredibly rare indeed.  I could say "THANK YOU" a thousand times and it will never be enough!!  The grin on my face right now is enough for two rows of teeth...and you put it there!” – David Y.

“Thanks for the great write-up!  Truly appreciated.” – Scott N.

“THANK YOU for your wonderful coverage!  I've never shown my work to anyone with a professional knowledge of screenwriting before and this is what I need to help me grow as a writer.  Your notes made perfect sense to me.” – Daniel C.

“Great insight as usual!” – Elsa C.

“GREAT COMMENTS!  I will take them to heart with my rewrite.  Your comments are going to be very helpful when I try and focus my characters and story.” – Carlos M.

“Mate, your notes were awesome! I really feel that they've helped me get better as a writer, which is probably the best compliment I can pay you.” – Niwa

“I truly consider [The Mechanic] my writing teacher!” – Janna J.