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I will never consider a script done till I have received his feedback. He's that good. FANTASTIC NOTES.”  – Centurio . read more reviews

Is your script stuck in 1st gear? Does it run smoothly, or does it misfire? Whatever the problem, the SCREENPLAY MECHANIC has the tools you need to fix your motion picture screenplay!

The SCREENPLAY MECHANIC has over a decade of experience reading feature film and TV scripts. He has worked at almost every major movie studio, and he’s written development notes and script coverage on more than 15,000 screenplays!  Many of which have already become hit movies, or are currently in development.

If you’re an aspiring screenwriter, the opinion of a professional screenplay analyst can be a priceless tool.  The SCREENPLAY MECHANIC will give you an honest, unbiased evaluation of your script.  Should it need more work, the Mechanic can identify problems and steer you in the right direction. 

The SCREENPLAY MECHANIC will give your screenplay the same treatment it would receive at a studio or a talent agency.  Ever wonder what a Story Analyst at 20th Century Fox might think about your writing?  Here’s your chance to have someone with years of studio experience read your script    

The SCREENPLAY MECHANIC is in demand, but he still has the most competitive rates around.  So whether it’s the next great Hollywood blockbuster, or a small independent movie, let the SCREENPLAY MECHANIC read your screenplay. 

Hiring the Mechanic is one click away, just visit THE GARAGE